Synergies and Networking

VISCA consortium studied the replicability potential of VISCA Decision Support System and climate services by making an assessment based on the possible replicability options:

  • Replicability on specific grapevines (tempranillo, chardonnay, Aglianico, Touriga Nacional), 
  • Replicability on other types of grapevines,
  • Replicability on other crops (e.g. olives, cereals and rice).

These options consider the location of the parcels of potential end-users (farmers) whether they are located in the current demo site countries of VISCA project (Italy, Portugal and Spain) or in other countries. Furthermore, the needed adjustments for replicability on VISCA DSS and specifically its main components (phenology, irrigation and weather information widgets) are presented. Moreover, the report presents the necessary datasets from clients to run the models in order to make the calibration or adjustment.

Additonally, the consortium performed networking activities in order to exchange experiences, best practices and establish synergies. These activities also aimed at creating replicability opportunities. EU and non-EU projects and initiatives were contacted from the following sectors:

  • Wine sector
  • Other sectors (Olives, rice and cereals)
  • Links with climate services providers and networks

Read the Report on the "Replicability and Associated Funding Mechanisms" which presents the outcomes from the replicability assessment. It also presents the networking activities performed during the lifetime of VISCA and the associated funding opportunities.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730253.