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IRPINIA news: Agricoltura e cambiamenti climatici, Mastroberardino ospita meeting internazionale (Dec, 2018)
Created 2018-12-18
Size 624.03 KB
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European Commission: Climate Change Adaptation (Dec, 2018)
Created 2018-12-18
Size 1.72 MB
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VISCA: Comunicato stampa: Mastroberardino ospita il 2° general meeting del progetto VISCA sul tema degli effetti del cambiamento climatico in viticoltura (Dec, 2018)
Created 2018-12-19
Size 739.32 KB
Downloads 59
European Commission: Tools to help Europe's wine industry adapt to climate change (February 2019)
Created 2019-02-13
Size 1.16 MB
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