VISCA at the Global Innovation Camp!

VISCA was selected among the winners in the International Call for Solutions on innovation in the agrifood sector: Global Innovation Camp and  Made in Puglia Conference.

The call selected 10 ideas or projects – including VISCA - gathered in Bari & Foggia (Italy) from 7th to 10th May 2018. The winners had several training sessions and they will have the access to an acceleration or incubation process for the duration of 3 months in the selected partners’ organisations.  For more information, check the official website: link.



VISCA Technical Meeting 2018

On 5th - 6th April 2018, a technical meeting of VISCA project took place at BSC premises in Barcelona. The main objectives of the meeting were to review the status of the different Work Packages, to make training sessions for the partners on how to upload and retrieve data onto the platform, and to define the risks encountered in order to settle up mitigation/contingency actions for the demonstration seasons in the 3 demo sites in Italy, Portugal and Spain.


VISCA project is leading “Common Dissemination Booster” services for Agro-food projects

Conjointly with other 3 projects (WEAM4i, OpIRIS and LIFE IRRIMAN), VISCA project has been selected for the Common Dissemination Booster services.

Common Dissemination Booster

The Common Dissemination Booster (CDB) is a brandnew service from the European Commission available to all, ongoing or closed, European, National, Regional funded Research & Innovation (R&I) projects (H2020, FP7 or other). Applying was possible until 31/11/2017.

The booster encourages projects to come together to identify a common portfolio of results and shows them how best to disseminate to end-users, with an eye on exploitation opportunities.

Agro-food CDB

The participating projects have a common goal which is to provide innovative solutions (i.g. Decision support system and/or climate services) to improve the efficiency of the agro-food sector in Europe while limiting its impact on natural resources (water) and the use of energy.

The main end-users of this group of projects are: farmers, Irrigators associations association from different sectors including: wine-grapes, olives, rice, cereal, fruit trees, vegetables, etc.

In this booster, there are one active project (VISCA) and three finished projects (WEAM4i, OpIRIS and LIFE IRRIMAN) with promising results which are going to be boosted through this service.


Upcoming Technical Meeting of VISCA Project

Organised by the project coordinator METEOSIM (MET) and Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), VISCA project consortium will hold a technical meeting on 5th-6th April 2018 at BSC premises to discuss the progress of the project and its planned activities for the coming months especially the actions related to the integration of models into the platform.


VISCA Project on Portuguese TV!

Check out the videos featuring VISCA project on the following Portuguese channels:

Porto Canal:

Empresa portuguesa integra projeto europeu para enfrentar alterações climáticas nas vinhas (Portuguese company is part of a European project to face climate change in the vineyards)

SIC Notícias:

Projeto de investigação VISCA como alternativa às alterações climáticas (VISCA project as an alternative to climate change) 

Quinta no Douro desenvolve estratégia para fazer face às alterações climáticas (Quinta at  Douro is developing a strategy to deal with climate change)


VISCA project: 1st General Meeting & Stakeholders Workshop

On November 13th to 15th 2017, the consortium of VISCA project held their 1st General meeting followed by the 1st Stakeholders Workshop in Portugal with the presence of members from the Project Advisory Board.

The General Meeting took place in Symington Family Estates main office, who are part of the consortium, located in Vila Noca de Gaia, Portugal. VISCA partners presented the current status of the project and the achieved milestones during its first 6 months. The occurred and expected risks and challenges as well as the next planned activities for the coming period were illustrated by each Work Package coordinator. The partners had the chance to finalise and discuss the next steps concerning the requirements of the end-users and the development of the tool.

On the following couple of days, VISCA 1st Stakeholder Workshop gathered members from the project advisory board (PAB) of the project and other invited end-users in Quinta do Bomfim, Pinhao, Portugal.  Representatives of the participating companies from the agriculture sector (vineyards, olive and rice) as well as related sectors included: INNOVI (Catalan Wine Cluster), AEMO (Spanish Oliva Association), DELTAMED (Mediterranean Deltas Association), Association of Dutch Vineyards (VNWP), Aprol Campania and Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA).

During the first day of the workshop, an introduction of the project, consortium and the PAB members and invitees were made. Then, a brainstorming session and a series of questions on how climate change is affecting the different sectors of agriculture including vineyards and the needs of farmers were organised. The participants discussed different topics where more insights on the expectations of the tool were collected. The first day was concluded with a field visit in the Bomfim vistor center and some wine tasting. On the second day of the workshop, participants had a training session on the primary mock-ups of the VISCA tool and a virtual guide through its main functionalities. Feedbacks from the participants were collected to make improvements in the tool.

The 1st General Meeting & Stakeholders Workshop of VISCA was disseminated in different Portuguese media! Check out the pictures of the event and the press releases (in Portuguese below):

  • ‘Symington integra projecto europeu para enfrentar alterações climáticas’, Grandes Escolhas, November 13th 2017 (link)
  • ‘Symington integra projeto europeu sobre alterações climáticas na vinha’, hipersuper, November 13th 2017 (link)
  • ‘Symington integra projeto europeu sobre alterações climáticas na vinha’, agronegocios, November 14th 2017 (link)
  • ‘Symington integra projeto europeu sobre alterações climáticas na vinha’, Vidarural, November 14th 2017 (link)
  • Symington em projeto Europeu que estuda efeito das alterações climáticas nas uvas’, Jornal de Noticias, November 16th 2017 (link)
  • ‘Symington integra projeto europeu sobre alterações climáticas na vinha’, Noticias do douro November 17th 2017(link)
  • Douro tem vinhas que são laboratórios a céu aberto’, Renascença, November 20th 2017 (link)


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730253.